New 9/11 Wind Chime Memorial Pays Tribute To The Voices Of The Passengers Of Flight 93

"The Tower of Voices" features a unique wind chime for each passenger.

New 9/11 Wind Chime Memorial Pays Tribute To The Voices Of The Passengers Of Flight 93

A new memorial honoring some of the heroic victims of the Sept. 11 attacks has been opened in conjunction with the 17th anniversary of the tragic day. The 93-foot tower, erected in the same Pennsylvania field where Flight 93 crashed, pays tribute to the plane's passengers and crew members using a symbolic musical element. 

Called "The Tower of Voices," the new memorial features 40 unique wind chimes — one for every person who lost their lives on Flight 93. Each of the chimes is reportedly 5 to 10 feet long and nearly 150 pounds. As the tower's name suggests, the distinctive sounds of the chimes are meant to symbolize the voices of each of the passengers and crew member. CBS News reports that when visitors stand inside the tower, they are surrounded by the music.


"The tower itself is quite heroic; it's a monumental piece, it's meant to be heroic. But the sounds are not booming chimes," Paul Murdoch, the monument's architect told CBS News. "It's meant to be actually quite subtle and intimate, so that people can be there and have a very personal experience, whatever it is for them."

As USA Today reports, more than a dozen passengers and flight attendants attempted to make calls to their loved ones after Flight 93 was hijacked on its way from New Jersey to California. While most were only able to leave heartbreaking voicemails, others were able to get through to their families and learn the news of the other hijacked planes. 

Tower Of Voices Flight 93 National Memorial
The Tower of Voices stands above visitors, dignitaries and family members of the victims of Flight 93 at the Flight 93 National Memorial on September 9, 2018 in Shanksville, Pennsylvania. Jeff Swensen/Getty Images

When the passengers realized what was happening, they decided to formulate a plan and fight back against the hijackers. They rushed the cockpit and after an ensuing struggle, the plane crashed near Shanksville, Pennsylvania. It was later revealed that the hijacker's likely target was the nation's Capitol building. 

Now, Murdoch hopes the tower, which is part of a larger memorial complex, will serve as a place of remembrance for visitors. "There's a serenity here to allow people to reflect and be contemplative," he said, per CBS News. "And there's a severity to remind people of what actually happened here. This is a battleground on the one hand, but it's also a final resting place of these 40 people."

Cover image via Jeff Swensen/Getty Images.


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