Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch Goes On Sale For $100 Million

All the petting zoo animals are gone, except a llama.

Are you a huge fan of the late King of Pop? Do you have at least a nine-figure amount stashed in your bank account? If so, you'd probably want to take a gander at Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch, currently selling for $100 million.

The palatial 2,700-acre estate in Santa Barbara County, California, was put on the market this week under its new name "Sycamore Valley Ranch." Jackson's former living quarters, named after the "Peter Pan" world where children never grow up, contained an amusement park, a movie theater and petting zoo for young visitors — all of which are gone, save for a single llama on the property, the Wall Street Journal reported. 

Jackson lived there for 15 years until his 2005 molestation trial prompted a police search through the residence to look for evidence. Among its current facilities include a six-bedroom main house, two- and four-bedroom guests houses, two lakes, a swimming pool and cabana, barbecue area, 50-seat movie theater with a private viewing balcony and a stage with trap doors for magic shows, and basketball and tennis courts.

But the estate's listing agents are aware of the late pop star's multitude of raving fans. The Wall Street Journal reported that there will be "extensive prequalification" of potential buyers before a limited showing of the property. No tours of the ranch will be given, either.


Cover image via iStock.


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