Little Kid's Incredible Dance Perfectly Describes The Joys Of Childhood

Nailed it.

Sometimes, we wish we could just be kids again.

Sure, being an adult is great, but whether you're busy at work, at home, or dealing with issues in your own personal life, adulthood can be exhausting.

In a new video for DanceOn, a dance entertainment network, 8-year-old Thaddeus Mixson acts as an adult's inner child, perfectly describing the nostalgia for the freedom of one's childhood through impressive dance techniques. 

"Release your inner child and return to the world of pure imagination!" reads a caption on the video. Which is exactly what Mixson does.

At the start of the performance, he dances through a beautiful makeshift fort, wearing a red cape and a crown, and showing off some insanely intricate moves. 


Then, he jumps out of the fort, landing in a split, and moves about the home, tossing papers off a workstation and using pots and pans as musical instruments rather than cookware. 

The performance is set to a remix of Matt Simons' "Catch & Release," which, according to DanceOn, Simons says is:

"... about the common shared struggle of the grind and how everyone's got their own way of dealing with it ... Some people will go for a run, or others will have a drink, etc. It's whatever your way of releasing all the tension you build over the course of any given day."

We understand that we can't actually go back in time and be kids again. But, we should keep in mind that life is short — and we should do everything we can to enjoy it.

Be sure to watch the full video below for some inspiration:

(H/T: BuzzFeed)


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