A Nevada Judge's Defense Of Poll Workers' Rights To Privacy Has Made Her The Internet's Newest Hero

"Do you watch Twitter?"

A Nevada judge's to-the-point dismissal of a Trump campaign lawyer on Tuesday set the Internet on fire because of her memorable defense of poll workers and the right to a private vote.

The judge was hearing a complaint filed against the Clark County Registrar in Nevada, which essentially claimed that early voting sites were kept open late to allow voters to cast ballots. As reported by The Huffington Post, at least one Republican official implied that those who voted late in the county's voting districts, which have a significant Hispanic population, were largely members of a "certain group."

Unfortunately for Trump, the case had little merit. Per the state's law, voters who are in line when the polls are scheduled to close are still allowed to vote, although no new would-be voters may join them in the line. It's worth noting that in Clark County, the votes that came in late aren't appearing to favor Trump.

During the case's hearing, Clark County judge Gloria Sturman won over the Internet by refusing to cater to the campaign's recommendation that election officials release the personal information of poll workers as part of an investigation.


"I am not going to expose people doing their civic duty helping their fellow citizens vote, that they are taking their personal time to preserve… to public attention, ridicule, and harassment," Sturman said. "Thank you, sit down."

Throughout the arguments, it became clear that Trump's lawyers were unprepared for their hearing and had little grounds to stand on when it came to voter fraud. As we've reported, voter fraud is extremely rare and there are few — if any — proven instances of it changing an election outcome.

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