What's The Most-Streamed Show On Netflix In Your State? This Map Will Tell You.

And you might be surprised ...

Everyone knows Netflix is a juggernaut in streaming TV to the homes of people around the world, but what is everyone watching? One study claims to show what the most-streamed programs are for each of the 50 states in the U.S. — plus Washington, D.C. — in 2016.

The results, as you can imagine, are quite telling.

Coming out on top overall is Scandal, which dominates in both the Midwest as well as parts of the South. The race for the next top spot is tight between two of Netflix's own: Orange Is the New Black and Bloodline. While OITNB is sprinkled around the country, Bloodline makes a strong showing in New England and parts of the South where Scandal didn't reign supreme.

Since Netflix doesn't release ratings at all, HSI (who conducted the study) took a sampling of the top shows — both created by Netflix and those acquired by Netflix — and ran them through Google Trends data to find out where the series would most likely be streamed by popularity.

Take a look at the full map here:

Data via HSI

Here's a breakdown of the top show in each state:

Alabama: Bloodline
Alaska: Orange Is the New Black
Arizona: Orange Is the New Black
Arkansas: Scandal
California: Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
Colorado: House of Cards
Connecticut: Bloodline
Delaware: Shameless
D.C.: Scandal
Florida: Bloodline
Georgia: Scandal
Hawaii: Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
Idaho: Stranger Things
Illinois: Making a Murderer
Indiana: Parks and Recreation
Iowa: Scandal
Kansas: Jane the Virgin
Kentucky: The Walking Dead
Louisiana: Scandal
Maine: Nurse Jackie
Maryland: Scandal
Massachusetts: Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
Michigan: Orange Is the New Black
Minnesota: Making a Murderer
Mississippi: Scandal
Missouri: Scandal
Montana: Peaky Blinders
Nebraska: Orange Is the New Black
Nevada: Narcos
New Hampshire: Bloodline
New Jersey: Narcos
New Mexico: Orange Is the New Black
New York: Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
North Carolina: Scandal
North Dakota: Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
Ohio: Scandal
Oklahoma: Orange Is the New Black
Oregon: Portlandia
Pennsylvania: Shameless
Rhode Island: Peaky Blinders
South Carolina: Bloodline
South Dakota: Making a Murderer
Tennessee: Gilmore Girls
Texas: Narcos
Utah: Gilmore Girls
Vermont: New Girl
Virginia: House of Cards
Washington: Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
West Virginia: American Horror Story
Wisconsin: Fuller House
Wyoming: iZombie

While the map shows you which shows are most popular and where they are popular, the study also provides some interesting facts about why that might be so. Let's break things down a little:

When it comes to the top 10 conservative states versus the top 10 liberal states in the U.S., per Gallup, there's quite a big divide but also a bit of crossover. On average, the conservative states tend to lean toward more dramas (such as Bloodline, Scandal, and Peaky Blinders) with a bit of fun thrown in the mix (like with Gilmore Girls, Stranger Things, and OITNB). The liberal states, on the other hand, on average lean toward lighthearted fare (such as Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, and Portlandia) with a few heavier shows thrown in (like with Bloodline, Narcos, and Scandal).

Then, in the states with the most guns per capita, as shown by Business Insider, their residents are watching scarier shows, which is maybe because — if the undead, supernatural creatures, or Demogorgons take over — they're prepared. We're talking about Idaho's love for Stranger Things, Kentucky's watching of The Walking Dead, Montana's penchant for Peaky Blinders, West Virginia's obsession with American Horror Story, and Wyoming's passion for iZombie.

One question, though, is left unanswered: How is Jane the Virgin the most popular show in Kansas and only Kansas?

Cover image via Scott Everett White / ABC


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