This Is How Netflix Affects Your Love Life

There are zero Netflix and chill jokes in here.

The fact that "watch Netflix" is now the predominant way to say "watch TV shows online" tells you everything you need to know about Netflix's influence on our lives. Not only has it given rise to binge-watching culture, but also surpassed many crucial activities in terms of actual time spent on a daily basis. Speaking of stats, Netflix is notoriously secretive about measurements such as ratings, but the company does love publishing studies on how we behave while using its service. The latest is knowledge everyone can benefit (or suffer) from: how Netflix affects our love lives.

According to the data, gathered from polls administered by the company itself, 27 percent of users say show compatibility is important and 13 percent said they would ask someone out exclusively based on if that person likes the same shows as they do. So, as if you weren't already self-conscious enough about your guilty TV pleasures, now there's data to support the fact that they might hurt your chances in the dating world.



Also included were the stats that 25 percent of users find people more attractive based on the shows they watch, and 58 percent have actually added shows or movies to their profile to appear more attractive to a love interest. In the fast-paced age of Internet dating, where people on a date pretty much just go down a checklist of favorite music, movies, shows, food, and so on, this data really means something.


As for behavior in marriages and long-term relationships, 51 percent of users believe that sharing a Netflix password means the relationship is serious. Maybe more shocking is the fact that 49 percent apparently dish out their passwords left and right to casual hookups. Then there's the opposite extreme where a Netflix password isn't even shared until after an engagement (17 percent of users). Presumably, these "traditionalists" get engaged pretty early in a relationship relative to others. How are you supposed to go deep into your 20s and 30s without ever having access to a partner's Netflix account? It's insane.

Anyway, a not-so-surprising stat is that 72 percent of users said one of their favorite ways to spend a night with their significant other was watching Netflix together. We'd end with a Netflix and chill joke here, but we have more respect for ourselves than that, and already promised there wouldn't be one in the subheader. Do with that what you will.

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