Nephew Pleads With The Internet To Help Spread Awareness About His Beloved Aunt

Help spread her story.

This is Alex Jaymin, but this story isn't about him.


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This story is about Jaymin's beloved aunt, Mariela, and her fight with Type 1 Diabetes.

Diagnosed at the age of 15, Mariela has been fighting the disease her entire adult life.

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By the age of 26, she had lost feeling in her feet and had undergone cataract surgery in both of her eyes. But she still kept up her positive attitude.

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By the age of 29, it began getting worse, though.

She suffered renal kidney failure and had to be put on dialysis.

In addition, this meant she couldn't go to the bathroom and had to go to the hospital, "several times a week to get 'drained' of excess waste and water from her system," as Jaymin explains in his Imgur post.

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However, things began looking up when a friend helped this hard working wife, journalist, singer and loving family member by donating a kidney.

Mariela was also one of the first in the United States to receive "an islet cell transplant," during the transplant surgery.

As Jaymin explains that this "is a cell that produces insulin, so just like that, she was practically cured of diabetes!"

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Since Jaymin and his aunt are only 14 years apart, she has been like a big sister to him his entire life, so this was great news.

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However, things recently took a turn for the worse.

Her replacement kidney suddenly stopped functioning and she nearly died.

Now, any small infection to her dialysis tube could be life threatening and her life rests yet again in another kind person's willingness to donate a kidney.

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As he explains above, this is what Jaymin is trying to accomplish:

"Her only hope of surviving is to find a donor to fly to Houston TX (donor can be anywhere), and have another kidney transplant, and even then her chances are slim. I honestly don't know if she's going to make it. So here's what I'm asking for: upvote for awareness, and help me... by finding a donor in Houston, TX.

And if you have a few minutes, send her some words of encouragement. This is her email (

This is her personal Facebook page (

And this is the Facebook page a friend set up for her (

Logistics: The basic requirements of a potential donor are: 18 and up and in good health. Any blood type. Potential donors would call the hospital at (713) 441 5451, mention my aunt's name and date of birth (Mariela Parra, we'll pm you her DOB) and the hospital will ask you some questions, then bring you down to do some medical tests to see if you qualify as a donor. My aunt's insurance will cover all the costs."

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