The Nepal Earthquake Literally Moved Mount Everest, Showing Just How Powerful (And Devastating) It Was

And the country still needs our help.

The earthquake that struck Nepal earlier this year dealt a devastating blow to the country. There were more than 8,500 casualties, some 17,000 injured and it set off a succession of avalanches on Everest, the world's highest peak, further inflicting more damage. To gauge the scope of its immensity, take a look at a report by Chinese officials that found the Nepal earthquake moved Mount Everest by more than an inch.

According to the state-run newspaper the China Daily, the 7.8-magnitude earthquake that hit the country in late April was so powerful that the world's tallest mountain shifted 1.18 inches southwest. It is a stunning acceleration of Everest's pace and reversal of its course — the newspaper reported that it had been moving northeast 1.57 inches per year over the past decade. 

The mountain now stands at where it was about nine months ago. It's height however, was not affected by the earthquake. 

Straddling the border between Nepal and China, Everest is a tourist site for the highly adventurous. However, the earthquake in April triggered several avalanches, causing the deaths of many climbers and blocking a number of climbing routes. Authorities have since halted all climbs for the remainder of the season.


Though relief efforts are underway and the immediate shock from the earthquake's devastation is slowly wearing off, the Nepalese people are still in desperate need of aid. Those there are providing relief the best they can, but you, too, can do your part.

Nepal may not be front page news right now, but that does not mean we should forget those who are still in dire need of help.

[Cover image via iStock/Ignacio Salaverria]


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