These Kids Tell Neil Patrick Harris About Their Annoying Parents And Maybe Reveal Too Much

"It's like I am their butler!"

Despite how much we love them, sometimes our parents can be a little, well, embarrassing. And while we may hold our tongues, kids have a tendency to not hold back on their thoughts and feelings. 

Recently, Neil Patrick Harris chatted with five kids to talk to them about their embarrassing parents in a hilarious video for The Ellen Show. "As a father of two, I love talking to kids. In fact, there's only one thing better than talking to kids, and that's when kids are quiet," Harris says at the start of the video. "So let's see how this goes."


With that, Harris begins by asking the kids questions about their parents, including the things their parents do that annoy them and how good it would be if kids could just do whatever they want — without parental supervision. 

"Sometimes, she'll be like Zane to this, Zane, do that. It's like I am their butler!" one kid replies.

"Sometimes my mom calls me her assistant and then she makes me get all of her stuff," a girl named Zulay adds. "Sometimes I even have to go the kitchen, pour her a drink, and then give it to her." 

Later, Harris tests out some of his best dad jokes before asking the kids to share their embarrassing moments. One kid recalls a time he was at a fancy restaurant and this sister threw utensils at him. 

"That's not embarrassing, that's just dangerous!" Harris says.

"But you're all about danger in A Series of Unfortunate Events!Zane points out. Harris, of course, plays Count Olaf in the Netflix series, based on the books by Daniel Handler. 

"You're like my publicist," Harries replies with a smile. 

Needless to say, this is one interview — all in good fun — you won't want to miss.


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