Futuristic Projected Necklaces Might Replace Material Jewelry

Waves of light instead of gold chains?

One set of jewelry is one set of jewelry, right? It stays the same, it gets boring, you throw it away.

What if there was a way to customize it? To change it according to your wish?

People at panGenerator created what might be a revolution in jewelry design. Neclumi is the first light projection-based interactive necklace running on a custom iPhone app and a picoprojector attached to the wearer's chest.


Take a look at this futuristic design yourself:

"We're posing a question if we're willing to abandon atoms of gold for the waves of light?" creators at panGenerator asks

According to the developer team, their idea is based on the notion that wearable technology is treated more like a fashionable accessory rather than just a tech gadget.

Neclumi is in a development stage right now. Current version features four types of projected necklaces: MOVI, AIRO, ROTO and SONO.

MOVI: necklace reacts to the body movement (via accelerometer).

AIRO: necklace reacts to the walking speed (via pedometer).

ROTO: the necklace reacts to the rotation of the human body (via compass).

SONO: necklace reacts to the ambient sound (via microphone).

Could this be every fashionista's dream? Keep up with Neclumi by following their Facebook page.

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(H/T: Design Milk)

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