NBA Reporters Don Craig Sager’s Signature Suit Style To Help Support Him Through Leukemia


Recently, Craig Sager, 64, announced on HBO's "Real Sports" that his leukemia had returned.


He told Bernard Goldberg that his cancer was no longer in remission and doctors said that someone with his prognosis has "three to six months to live."

Despite the diagnosis, Sager remains as strong as ever, saying, "I'm not going to be that 3-6 months. I'm going to be that five years. I'm going to make medical history ... I'm fighting this thing to the end. I have too much to do," as per SB Nation.

Sager was initially diagnosed with cancer in April 2014 and this is the third time it has come back, according to the New York Daily News.

Upon hearing about the legendary NBA sideline reporter's sad news, athletes and fans began tweeting out messages of support.

Now, fellow reporters are coming out in support for Sager by donning his famous and colorful sideline attire.

They tweeted out their outfits with the hashtags #SidelineForSager and #SagerStrong to show support for their peer.

Even though he has been battling for his life, Sager found time to return the sidelines this season.

He recently covered the NCAA Final Four and Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry, sidetracked from his performance to shed light on the strength Sager gives him to compete on a daily basis.

Here's to Sager making a full recovery and delivering even more timeless sideline interviews.


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