Jimmy Kimmel Enlists Shaq, Magic, And More For An NBA Edition Of Mean Tweets

Don't worry, there's one about James Harden's beard.

It feels like it's been far too long since Jimmy Kimmel's last installment of celebrities reading mean tweets about themselves. So imagine our excitement last night when, to celebrate the start of the NBA Finals, the host premiered a brand-new edition of the always-funny segment featuring basketball's greatest — from yesterday and today.

As always, the tweets run the gamut from just plain silly to NSFW, and the stars have some pretty amusing reactions to them. Some of the younger stars seem to get more of a kick out of things than the older generation — but none of them lets the insults get to them.

The video even features sports reporter Michelle Beadle, who responds to the speculation that her hair hasn't been washed since the '90s by admitting, "Well, technically not all of this is even my hair, so maybe it hasn't."

Check out a few more of our favorites below:


You knew there had to be something about James Harden's impressive beard.

Magic Johnson's tweet isn't exactly the compliment it makes itself out to be.

Shaquille O'Neal wasn't quite as amused by his tweet as he first seemed.

See every last tweet (and all the reactions) in the video below:


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