NAVY Seals Have Advice On How To Be A Leader, And It Has Nothing To Do With Physical Strength

No leader has it all figured out.

When it comes to being a leader, there is a lot to figure out.


There's a lot you have to be aware of to make sure people respect you, while also guiding them to make the best decisions.

It takes a certain touch to pull it off right and luckily former NAVY Seals, Jocko Willink and Leif Babin (amazing names by the way), spoke to Business Insider to cue us all in on the best ways to lead a team.

Yes, sir!

First, you must be humble, check that ego and accept responsibility.

It doesn't come down to whether or not you have the physique of Hercules and can lead a charge like Braveheart, it comes down to your ability to adapt.

Sure, taking criticism is tough, but you must be able to. If not, people can begin to doubt your ability — and doubt their own ideas if you won't listen.

Although ego can drive you to overcome obstacles, it can get in the way of accomplishing a goal if you are too strong minded.

Another key to success is finger pointing.

Whether you are pointing fingers up the chain to your bosses or down the chain to your team, not taking responsibility either way will lead to no good.

You must take it upon yourself to influence your boss' and likewise, take responsibility if your team doesn't execute properly.

Watch the full video below to hear the rest of their advice.


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