A Navy SEAL Was Shot 27 Times And Is Now Running A Triathlon

He hasn't stopped helping others.

Mike Day is a war hero who won't let anything get in the way of helping others.

WTKR reports that eight years ago, Day was involved in a gun fight with Al Qaeda at point blank range. He was the first person in a room where four Al Qaeda operatives were lying in wait. They opened fire, shooting Day 27 times. 

Now he is giving back to the people who helped him through his recovery.

Day is raising $75,000 for the triathlon for the Carrick Brain Center in Dallas, TX, which helps people like Day who suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). "Medical insurance doesn't cover it yet," Day said in an interview with WKTR. "We'd like to see as many people as we can get to these places so we can acquire the medical evidence so that insurance companies will pay for it. 

On his Crowd Rise page, Day says "My life's mission is now not about me. Rather, it is to care for and lead my wounded brothers and sisters. My fellow warriors deserve the best available treatment for their injuries." 

He'll be running in the IRONMAN triathlon in Orlando, FL on April 15. You can donate to Mike Day's cause here


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