Nationals Star Bryce Harper, 22, Finally Faced A Pitcher Younger Than Him After 2.5 Years

So what have you done with your life?

Bryce Harper, an outfielder for the Washington Nationals, has been a phenom for quite some time. That's why he was drafted with the first pick of the MLB draft in 2010 as a 17-year-old and joined the team two years later still a teenager at 19. So it's not entirely shocking that two and a half years passed before Harper faced a pitcher younger than him.

After all, the average ages of the MLB Rookies of the Year in 2010 were 22.4 and 23.6 years old, for the American League and National League, respectively. Harper won the NL award in 2012 before he had even turned 20 — it was hard to find players at any position younger than him for a while. However, his streak of exclusively tearing up pitchers older than him, which surely meant the world to him, has unfortunately come to an end.

The turning point occurred in an afternoon game against the New York Yankees, when reliever Jacob Lindgren (22.091 years old) entered the game and Harper (22.238 years old) stepped up to the plate in the eighth inning. It was a warm, not excessively humid New York summer day, and a faint breeze was blowing low across the field. On a 1-0 count, he drove a ball deep, deep ... and into the glove of Yankees outfielder Chris Young (31.279 years, in case you were curious).

Harper walked back to the Nats' dugout as he has a thousand times already, but something was ever-so-slightly different about his gait.

Sorry Bryce. You're old now.



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