After Nine Years Of Waiting, We're About To Fly By A Planet We've Never Seen Up Close

We're getting further and further into space.

After nine years and three billion miles, NASA's spacecraft New Horizons is about to give Pluto its first ever flyby.

The flyby will happen on July 14th. New Horizons will get as close as 7,750 miles to the planet. As part of the anticipation for this event, the National Space Society has launched a website called, which will allow people to tune in and view the flyby on July 14th.

This moment is a long time coming. NASA has been passing planets since the early '60s, and the progression looks something like this:


Venus, 1962

Mars, 1965

Jupiter, 1973

Mercury, 1974

Saturn, 1979

Uranus, 1986

Neptune, 1989

And now, Pluto:


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