9 Fun Ways To Celebrate National Photo Month Even If You’re Not A Shutterbug

There's something for everyone.

May is National Photo Month, a time to celebrate photography as an artform. The monthlong event was officially recognized by the Congress in 1987 and has been going strong ever since.

While professional photographers all over the U.S. are likely taking part in this occasion, that doesn't mean that amateurs or those with no background can't join in on the fun. So, in honor of National Photo Month, we here at A Plus thought up some fun ways that everyone — from young to old, and from experienced to newbies — can get involved.

Take a look at these fun ways to celebrate National Photo Month your own way:


1. Make a scrapbook or photo album.

It's highly likely that either you or your parents have a major stash of photos somewhere in the house gathering dust. It's time to take that box and put it to use by putting them together in either a scrapbook or photo album, depending on how creative you're feeling. Not only does this put these snapshots on display but it protects them in the long run, too.

2. Take photos of everyday things.

You don't need to wait for your next brunch outing, road trip, vacation, or whatever that perfect moment may be to take a photo. Why not celebrate this month by going out there and just capturing anything and everything on film? After all, this gives you the perfect way to experience the world around you and find something extraordinary in the ordinary.

3. Turn your pet into an Instagram star.

If there's one thing that makes everyone feel better, it's photos of animals. Why not make an Instagram account for your pet — be it a traditional one such as a dog and cat, or more unique ones such as a turtle or rabbit — and share their cuteness with the world? Think of it as wildlife photography but in the safety of your home and with a creature you love.

4. Visit a local gallery or museum.

Some of the greatest pieces of art, whether they be painting or photographs, can be found in museums or art galleries. And, chances are, there is a local version of these — no, you don't have to trek to NYC or L.A. to visit one — near you. Visit these places and support the institutions so they can keep their doors open and know that someone is interested.

5. Make a family tree with photos.

Why not use photography to discover more about your history? Instead of doing a regular family tree, try to make a photo-focused version of one by digging through old family photos and mapping out where you came from. This allows you to see these old relatives, put faces to their names, and visually pay tribute to the past generations.

6. Look through photo history.

Take a break from looking at the latest red carpet snapshots — as amazing as they admittedly are — and soak in some actual history as it was captured with by a lens. Time has The 100 Most Influential Images of All Time, CNN shows us 25 of the Most Iconic Photographs, and BuzzFeed featured the 50 Most Powerful Pictures in American History. There's so much focus on the future but sometimes it's important to look back on the past.

7. Support photojournalism.

Whether they're traveling to distant countries, in the middle a conflict, or in the presence of world leaders, photojournalists are there and giving you a glimpse into history. Why not support them — as well as the other journalists they work with — by subscribing to a local and national newspaper or magazines that put photos front and center, such as National Geographic?

8. Take a photography course.

Chances are there is a photography course you can take, whether it be online, at a local community college, or even at a university. This would be a chance for you to learn about the artform, develop your talents, and potentially discover a new passion. It's a great way to dive deeper into photography and the bonus is you'll actually want to do the homework.

9. Hire local photographers.

Whether you're wanting to book a solo shoot just for fun, a shoot with your significant other for a special reason, or a shoot with your family for the next holiday card, hire a local photographer to get the job done. This way you're supporting small businesses, allowing someone in a creative field to showcase and grow their skills, and getting what you want all at once.

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