Black Friday's Best Deal Doesn't Have Anything To Do With Shopping

This. Is. Awesome.

Every time Black Friday comes around, shoppers all over the country rush to fight over the most prized gifts for the holiday season. But one offer this year stands out from the others.

State parks all over the country have announced that they will be admitting people to the parks for free on Black Friday, encouraging people to get outside on a day usually spent shopping. The deal is part of REI's #OptOutside initiative. Nine states are participating, including California, Arizona, Colorado, Delaware,  Minnesota, Missouri, Oregon, Washington and Tennessee.

"Rain or shine, windy or not, we're thankful Oregon's outdoors are a constant source of joy," department director Lisa Sumption in a statement. "Take a break, get out, and enjoy some fresh air."

That news may not be good for stores across the country, where Black Friday is already dying thanks to online shopping. You can read more about REI's initiative here


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