12 Surprising Facts About Hot Dogs, Including How Many We REALLY Eat

Because HOT DOGS.

It's been a good week.

Hot off the heels of National Junk Food Day, we now celebrate National Hot Dog Day because... why not.

But before you delve into hot dog heaven, why not find out a little more about them? The Scene's latest video, "On National Hot Dog Day, We Salute The Frank," does just that, complete with a list of 12 surprising facts hot dog facts for all to enjoy.


Here are 5 of the most insane facts:

1. Joey Chestnut holds the world hotdog record — eating 66 hot dogs in 12 minutes.

2. Americans buy 9 BILLION hot dogs from retail stores every year...

3. That's 70 hot dogs per person per year.

4. It would take 49.3 trillion hot dogs to eat your way to Pluto.

5. On the 4th of July alone, Americans eat 150 million hot dogs, which you could line up from DC to LA about five times.

So if you want to celebrate too, go ahead — we're not stopping you.


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