Happy National French Fry Day! 16 Things To Wear To Celebrate Fast Food Today And All Summer

So much yumminess.

Today is a great day — and it's not because the sun is shining or we're just a couple days away from the weekend. Today is #NationalFrenchFryDay, which is as good of an excuse as any to enjoy one of our favorite fast foods, ever: the french fry.

So, to celebrate the momentous occasion, we rounded up some french-fry-inspired clothing pieces and accessories you can rock today and all summer long.

But we didn't stop there.

To help you get your fast-food-fashion fix all season long, we also rounded up other pieces inspired by the best fast-food the world has to offer, including donuts and pizza, of course.

From donut shoes and socks, to pizza bikinis and tees, you'll love these looks. 


Did someone say french fries?

A few extra scoops, please.

Donut stop me.

One word: pizza.

Now enjoy!


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