This Guy Interviewed At A Law Firm... And Let A 7-Year-Old Answer The Questions

"Do you like skateboarding?"

Nathan Fielder of Comedy Central's business parody show "Nathan For You," has a knack for two things: keeping a straight face and coming up with hilarious ways to troll businesses.

In "Interview With a Seven-Year-Old," Fielder teams with Amir, a 7-year-old boy, to help with an interview at a law firm.

Amir's job is to answer the interview questions.

As you might guess, things get good.


It begins with the interviewer earnestly asking "why would you want to work in a law firm?"

It degenerates immediately.

As the questions continue, Fielder and Amir keep up the charade.

As the seemingly unflappable interviewer continues, her facial expressions say everything there is to say...

She must've wondered why she ever agreed to this.

Watch the hilarious debacle unfold here.


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