This Poem Is The Perfect Response To Those Who Say ‘All Lives Matter’ In Response To ‘Black Lives Matter’

"I thought you didn't see color?"

One of the biggest cultural divides these days is between those who believe #BlackLivesMatter and those who believe #AllLivesMatter. With one poem, Natasha T. Miller (who goes by just T. Miller professionally) is challenging those who say the latter in response to the former in a smart and provoking way.

The poem is titled "Ten Things You Sound Like When You Say AllLivesMatter in Response to BlackLivesMatter," and was performed at a Button Poetry event. Button Poetry is an organization dedicated to developing "a greater level of cultural appreciation" for spoken word and performance poetry by showcasing "the power and diversity of voices" in their community.

"Your family pet goes missing. You post pictures of it all around your neighborhood," T. Miller starts off with. "I come and post pictures of other people's missing pets from around the world on top of the picture of your missing pet. Well, 'cause you ain't the only one missing a pet."

T. Miller lists other similar situations, such as showing up to a funeral for someone's grandmother and handing out your own grandmother's obituary, or showing up to an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting and trying to get help for your cotton candy addiction. 

These are over-the-top scenarios but, at their root, call out the hypocrisy of the "All Lives Matter" movement. After all, those who say "Black Lives Matter" aren't saying that other lives don't matter, they're just calling out the recent string of violence and senseless killing happening to the Black community and hoping for things to get better.

Toward the end of the poem, the audience erupts when T. Miller delivers this one-two verbal punch: "I say 'Black Lives Matter,' you say you don't see color. I say Dallas, you say 'Blue Lives Matter.' I say, 'I thought you didn't see color.' "

As powerful as that mic drop moment is, just wait until you hear the ending ...


Take a moment out of your day and watch the T. Miller's entire performance here:


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