In Space, Washing Your 'Hair' Looks A Bit Different


Space is a really funny place.

A couple years back, astronaut Karen Nyberg showed the world what it looks like to wash your hair on board the International Space Station. The video garnered lots of attention, but in the meantime, a fellow astronaut had his hair washing video fall under the radar. It might have something to do with his "hair."


That's Luca Parmitano using warm water to rinse his bald head. The water sticks to his scalp like that because of physics: where there is no gravity, surface tension dominates. That means the otherwise weak bonding that happens during surface tension suddenly becomes strong enough for Parmitano's head to keep the water very close.

With fellow bald astronaut Scott Kelly set to embark on a yearlong space journey, the longest yet, you will be happy to know this bald head washing ritual will be going on for some time. Below is the original video from Nyberg that first caught the world's attention:


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