Even On The International Space Station, Americans Are Showing Their Fourth Of July Spirit

"Fashion police, you have to grade us on a curve."

You may be out of the country this Fourth of July, but that doesn't mean you can't show your American spirit with a little red, white, and blue. Just look at NASA astronauts Peggy Whitson and Jack Fischer, who are literally out of this world. They're spending Independence Day on the International Space Station, but they still made sure to show off their most patriotic fashion.

Both Whitson and Fischer shared photos of their star-spangled outfits on Twitter Tuesday. "We sometimes have issues standing up straight, but we have no problems at all showing our American pride," Fischer wrote. 

"Fashion police, you have to grade us on a curve," requested Whitson. 


They even shared a fun behind-the-scenes video of their patriotic photoshoot. Thanks to microgravity, we have to admit that their selfies put ours to shame.

In May, Whitson and Fischer participated in the 200th spacewalk on the International Space Station. It was Whitson's ninth walk, breaking her own record for most spacewalks for an American woman. She also holds records as the oldest woman in space and the first female Space Station commander, and as of earlier this year she has officially spent more cumulative time in space than any other American.

According to Space.com, the astronauts have some "scheduled space operations" today, so they took the day off on Monday, July 3, instead of the official Independence Day. And if you're wondering if they can see fireworks from space, a NASA representative says no, although the site reports that some astronauts have claimed to see them.

This is Whitson's second Fourth of July in space. She and Fischer are due to return to Earth in September.

(H/T: Mashable)


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