Astronaut Scott Kelly Floating Around The International Space Station In A Gorilla Suit Is Out Of This World

Did a "Planet of the Apes"-type takeover happen at the ISS?

Being an astronaut isn't easy — the challenging physical tests, specific knowledge and skill sets, rigorous training, the whole shebang. But what happens when you pass all the tests and actually get sent out into the International Space Station (ISS) for a yearlong stint? Judging by the video of NASA astronaut Scott Kelly in a gorilla suit chasing Tim Peake around the station, it's not all research and data collection up there for these space scientists.

To celebrate the end of Kelly's year out on the station, his identical twin brother Mark Kelly — who is also an astronaut, as well as the husband of former Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords — sent him the "care package" that contained the gorilla costume. Kelly later posted the video featuring British astronaut Peake on his Facebook page. 

In a week's time, Kelly will return to Earth as the first American to complete a continuous yearlong mission in space, according to The Telegraph

Watch the video here:



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