NASA Released 3D-Printed Home Designs For A House On Mars

These designs are amazing.

Four years ago, NASA offered up a challenge to the public: send us your best designs for a 3D-printed home that can exist on the moon or Mars using only materials that exist there.


Four years later, NASA narrowed it down to its three favorite designs that will be finalists for an $800,000 prize. They released the designs publicly this week, and now the people behind the designs will get to build scale models of them in a competition for the grand prize. 

NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center

The release of the designs marks another step forward in NASA's goal to plan out how humans might be able to live on other planets. Eleven teams created full-scale renderings of the designs on computers and also added short videos explaining their choices, CNN reported

Each team's design has a different approach to how they'd address life in space. A New York team chose a building with small holes in it to allow natural light to come through. Another team produced a home that could be built by electronic rovers that land on Mars. One team had a house that including a space for growing plants. 

The three teams split a $100,000 prize after making it to the finals, and they will now build their 3D-printed models to take home the $800,000 grand prize. The competition takes place on May 1st. 

You can check out a video of the New York team's model home below:

Cover photo: NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center


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