Nala Keeps Stopping At A Neighbor's House For Bologna, But Fate Might Have Another Reason

Bologna is always a great icebreaker.

First off, Nala the cat is incredibly adorable, so it would be difficult not to let her in your home.


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But what if Nala wasn't your cat? And it wasn't just one time, but every few weeks?

Would you think that, perhaps this cat just loves a particular brand of bologna? Or maybe you would start to think there might be a deeper reason behind all of this.

Well, there just might be.

According to a letter written by the friendly neighborhood bologna providers, Nala keeps showing up at their home every few weeks.

They had no idea who she belonged to or where she kept coming from, but there Nala was meowing for bologna outside of their home all the time.

In an effort to make some sense of this, the neighbors attached a letter (below) to the cat in hopes she'd bring it back to her owners. 

Strangely, or as fate would have it, Nala began visiting these neighbors the same year they lost their 21-year-old cat.

So perhaps there was more to Nala's presence than just seeking out bologna. Perhaps she was there to provide a bit of healing to the cat lovers.

It seems to have worked, as they explained they don't mind her visits at all. Seems like a win-win situation for everyone.

Let out an "aww" and read the full letter below. Gotta love the little cat doodle in the corner.

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