Watching A Gun Fired At 73,000 Frames Per Second Is Just Amazing

The excitement is infectious.

If there's one thing we can always count on the MythBusters for (aside from dropping some science in the most entertaining way possible), it's creating explosions that we just want to see again and again.

They're at it again, this time with a video that shows a pistol firing a bullet in super slow motion. 


It all starts in the safety of an underground gun range, where Jamie goes to town unloading a magazine out of a pistol.

One of the shots was recorded at a mind-boggling 73,000 frames per second. Played back at a normal speed of 24 frames per second, all of the intricacies become gloriously apparent.

"The artifacts that you start to be able to see: mushroom clouds and little rivulets of gasses and fire forming on flame fronts and pressure waves and stuff that I'm not sure many people in the world have even looked at..." Adam said, his voice trailing off as he took it all in. "It's just really cool. Yep. It's cool."

Is Adam's reaction warranted? Is the video of the gunshot really that amazing?

Yes, on both counts.

As the bullet leaves the barrel, the flash and smoke begin to take on a rather beautiful form, but that's not all.

Check out the video in its entirety here:

[All images via: Discovery Channel]

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