Mystery Ebayer Gives Bike To Young Cancer Survivor Whose Dad Tried To Buy It

"It shows there are some really good people out there still."

When Evan Wells of Aberystwyth, Wales, was just 18 months old, he was diagnosed with rhabdomyosarcoma, a rare childhood cancer. Throughout Evan's treatment, which required him being taken to a hospital a hundred miles away from his home, he and his family were given financial and accommodation support by LATCH, a Welsh Children's Cancer Charity

This past May, six years after the end of his treatment, Evan, now 7, and his older brother, Corey, took it upon themselves to raise money for LATCH as a gesture of gratitude with a 17-mile cross-country bike ride.

The boys raised more than £3,000 (approximately $3,900) with their JustGiving campaign, all of which went directly to LATCH.

According to Wales Online, it was after things died down a bit that Evan's father John noticed a BMX bike on eBay that he wanted to bid on for his son. When he checked on it a few days later, intending to bid, he found that the listing had disappeared.


Screenshot via eBay

"On the off-chance I gave the guy who was selling it a message just to see if he would be interested in selling it still — if it hadn't already gone, that is," Wells told Wales Online.

The eBayer, who so far has only been identified by his user id, mrwigs04, responded by asking for the Wells' address and telling Wells that the bike would be outside their front door the next day. "The seller told me he was so impressed with the boys and that they had done such an amazing job," Wells said.

True to his word, the bike was left for the boys the very next day. They shared their experience on Facebook

"For the seller to do this is unbelievable," Wells said in his interview with Wales Online. "It shows there are some really good people out there still."

We think everyone in this story deserves 100 percent positive feedback.

(H/T: Wales Online)


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