11 #MyWeirdNeighbor Tweets That Will Make You Thankful For Those Who Live Next Door To You

"My neighbor decorated my dead tree with empty Bud Light cans, then sent me a text saying my tree was 'budding.' "

You may be able to choose who your friends are, but you definitely can't choose your neighbors. Although some nearby residents may just give you a good reason to move. 

In another one of his Hashtags games on The Tonight Show, Fallon asked Twitter users to post something "funny, weird, or embarrassing" their neighbors have done or said using the tag #MyWeirdNeighbor. Unsurprisingly, people had some pretty ridiculous scenarios to share about the people they share a street with. 


See which tweets Fallon chose for his segment in the video below:

These 11 tweets didn't make the cut, but we found them equally amusing:


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