What A Week Looks Like When You're In Love

An "inside" look at love.

Four years ago, San Francisco-based writer Savannah Oliker began taking a ton of photos. She and her friends would buy a disposable camera and take as many pictures of their experiences as possible over the course of a week. 

Fast-forward to this March. While looking through photos that Oliker had taken while out with two friends (who were a couple), she noticed something profoundly beautiful about the images the couple had taken of one another.

"They really captured 'their world' together," Oliker told A Plus in an email. 

And so the "my week with you" project was born. 

Oliker asks couples to take photos of themselves over the course of a week in their everyday lives that she then features on the "my week with you" site. Oliker lets them take their own photos and asks that they submit between 7 to 15. 

Relationships can be scary, but Oliker wants couples to focus on the current moment. 

"I think culturally, we worry a lot about what will happen in the future (especially in regards to our romantic relationships,)" she told A Plus. "I wanted to give people an opportunity to just enjoy and capture their 'right now.'" 

So far, couples from California all the way to Rome, Italy have participated. And she was right. The experiences between people, no matter how exciting or mundane or different, are what make relationships so great.

"I want to invite people to appreciate the differences among us, and to celebrate 'the now' and the present moment," she wrote. "my week with you is a tribute to your love."

Cheers to that.

Check out a few of the couples below then head over to "my week with you" for more!


Sophie and Austin • San Francisco, California

Spiros and Ricardo • Rome, Italy

Jessica and Will • San Francisco, California

Connor and Ajo • San Francisco, California

What's a week of your love look like?


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