The #MySiblingIsWeird Hashtag Reminds Us All How Truly Bizarre Our Brothers And Sisters Are

"My brother has to eat gummy bears two at a time so they don't die alone."

No, it's not just you. Siblings really are unbelievably weird. 

But just how weird is your brother or sister? Jimmy Fallon wanted to find out. In his latest segment of the "Hashtags" game, he asked Twitter users to post something "funny, weird, or embarrassing" about their siblings using the tag #MySiblingIsWeird. Then, he sorted through the tweets and picked out some of his favorite ones to read aloud on The Tonight Show. 


Watch which ones he picked in the video below:

These tweets didn't make the cut, but are equally hilarious:

What are some weird things your sibling has done? Let us know in the comments.


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