13 People Share The Good, The Bad, And The Hilarious Moments Of Their Holiday Season

These stories will have you saying "Same."

As the year winds down and the holiday season sparks up, many of us find ourselves between feeling cheery and overwhelmed. The holiday season is a time for love, giving back, and togetherness. But if we're being honest, it's also a time for stress, sleep, food, more sleep, wine, and seeing your distant (sometimes less-than-tolerable) relatives. Over on Twitter, folks are keeping it super real about what their holiday actually looks like and the details are hilariously relatable.

Using the trending hashtag #MyHolidayStory, Twitter users are sharing short stories about their families, holiday quirks, and celebration plans. 

Read on for some of the most relatable tweets.


1. Waiting for the perfect time to go gift shopping.

2. Trying to stay awake through it all.

3. Being a lil' too honest.

4. Eating way too much.

5. Spoiling your faves this season.

6. Trying so hard to maintain the cheer.

7. Summing it all up.

8. Cruising with your bestie.

9. Treating yourself.

10. Knowing bae got too jolly.

11. Drinking and being merry.

12. Never forgetting the shenanigans.

13. Knowing how it all ends.

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