18 Groundbreaking Photos Challenge Every Stereotype About Sexual Consent


Villainesse Editor Lizzie Marvelly was tired of the public perception regarding sexual consent, revenge porn and victim-blaming, so she created the #MyBodyMyTerms campaign to challenge those stereotypes.

"With the prevalence of sexual violence around the world, especially on [college] campuses, the increasing number of revenge porn cases and the continuing presence of pervasive myths that encourage victim-blaming, it's clear that we need to talk about these issues," Marvelly told The Huffington Post.

The #MyBodyMyTerm video features men and women, in a semi-nude photo shoot, speaking about sexual consent. And all of the participants have #MyBodyMyTerms written on them.

Here are 18 moments from this groundbreaking video:


1. "I respect myself and I deserve to be respected."

2. "Make decisions that are right for you."

3. "You don't have to have sex if you don't want to."

4. "It's your body... your terms."

5. "Don't do it just to fit in."

6. "Having safe, consensual sex doesn't make me a slut."

7. "Taking or posing for naked photos doesn't make me a whore."

8. "Having a naked picture or video of myself with a partner does not give anyone else the right to view it."

9. "When you share private pictures of someone without their consent, you violate them."

10. "When you view private videos of me without my consent, you violate me."

11. "I'm a human being, not some stranger on a screen."

12. "Just because I express my sexuality, doesn't mean I'm asking for it."

13. "My choice of clothing isn't an invitation to assault or rape me."

14. "Dressing a certain way doesn't mean she's asking for it."

15. "Bro, if she chooses to drink alcohol, it doesn't make her responsible for the criminal actions of others."

16. "Pressuring someone to have sex is not OK."

17. "When I say no, I mean it."

18. "Sex without consent is rape."

Watch the full video:


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