Relearning How To Put On Makeup Was A Big Challenge For This Tetraplegic Beauty Blogger, But Now She Inspires Thousands

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Jordan Bone is a 25-year-old beauty blogger from Norfolk, England. With almost 33,000 followers on Instagram and 25,000 on YouTube, she clearly has a whole bunch of fashion-savvy fans.

But Bone is way more than just a pretty face. In fact, she's on a mission to inspire people to overcome their challenges with her own story, no matter how tough these challenges might seem.

"Most of the time when I upload a [makeup tutorial], I have questions about my hands," she explains in her latest video.

"Truth is, I can't move them, open them or close them," she continues. "And it's all because I became tetraplegic ten years ago after a car accident."

At the age of 15, after breaking her neck at the C6 level during the accident, she was left paralyzed from the chest down and does not have full use of her four limbs. To be able to do her own makeup, not to mention showing how it needs to be done for other people, is an incredible achievement.

"I wanted the world to still see Jordan, even though I became a tetraplegic," she says.

"Tears would fall, frustration would drive me crazy."

"But I persevered. And I am happy with how my useless hands help me enhance my face each day. It's insane how much we grow with the challenges we face."

And Bone has certainly come a long way ...

"Each day I learn more. Each day my blending improves. And each day my eyeliner becomes less of a challenge."

"Like contouring and highlighting teaches us ..."

"... where there is dark, there is always light. That is the same with life."

"There are so many struggles in my life. I mean, I can't dress myself or do my own hair, so to be able to do my own makeup is MY THING."

Girl, you pretty much nailed it.

Now Bone asks you to share your own story using the hashtag #mybeautifulstruggle. Inspiration can be contagious.

Make sure to watch the entire video below.

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