13 Hilarious Reactions Muslims Had On Twitter To ISIS Leader


Last week, Iyad El-Baghdadi, a human rights activist born in the United Arab Emirates, tweeted out portions of a call-to-action to Muslims worldwide by Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, leader of the Islamic State. He asked people to "rise up" and join the extremist group in their fight. 

Muslims on Twitter found the request hilarious, and took the opportunity to have a little fun.

In an American political sphere that occasionally posits Muslims — not some Muslims, not a very, very small number of extremists — as uniform threats to national security, Twitter's collective response to Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi's request speaks to just how ridiculous those concerns are. 

Not just because Islam is a religion too often confused with a terrorist movement. Not just because Muslims are people with as diverse beliefs and political affiliations as every other group of people.

But because they just simply don't have the time.


1. Some had special requests.

2. Others were more concerned about a galaxy far, far away.

3. 21CCitizen already had a date making fruit preserves.

4. While Rirezwan makes his zingers with extra zing.

5. The Twitter users knew it was important to be patient.

6. And know what their priorities are.

7. And to never be afraid of standing up for what really matters.

8. Because there are some truths they just couldn't ignore.

9. There were bed times to consider.

10. Hamburgers, too.

11. End-of-term theses even sounded preferable.

12. And something felt a little bit fishy about all this.

13. Because if it comes down to being charitable and having good dental hygiene or going to war, well.

When a newspaper reported that Iyad El-Baghdadi had himself been responsible for the call to war, the human rights activist couldn't help but join in on the fun.

Well said.

(H/T: Time)


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