Muslim Group Leading The Charge In Donating Water To Flint, Michigan

A story we should all remember.

Muslims in and around Flint, Michigan have stepped up in the wake of one of our country's biggest public service disasters in recent memory. And they did it in the name of Islam.

The Muslim organization Who is Hussain? donated more than 30,000 bottles of water to the Red Cross last weekend in an effort to aid the victims of the water crisis currently affecting Flint, Michigan.

Their reaction to the crisis was inspired by Imam Hussain ibn Ali, the grandson of Prophet Muhammad who was famously killed for opposing Islamic extremism after being deprived of water for several days. In his honor, followers of Hussain's teachings have held steadfast that denial of water for any reason is a crime. So when the water in Flint, Michigan became polluted, Who Is Hussain? stepped up and did something amazing for the community.

"We saw what needed to be done and we decided to do it," Dr. Aziza Askari, a representative for the Michigan chapter of Who is Hussain?, told The Washington Times. "We reached out to schools, neighbors, friends, mosques, anyone and everyone to help us by donating a case of water, or money towards a case."

It appears that government officials largely ignored complaints about the water that came as early as 2014, according to USA Today. Now, though, the evidence is overwhelming, and Mayor Rick Snyder has begun apologizing for his mishandling of the crisis. A saving grace for Flint is that it can rely on the community to help out.

"Prophet Muhammad taught us 'Your neighbor comes before your own household,'" Mohammed Almawla, a volunteer for the organization, said to The Washington Times. "As a resident of Detroit this is not only a Flint problem this is a Michigan problem and I feel obligated to help to the best of my ability."  

Cover image via Bill Pugliano/Getty Images.

(H/T: Washington Times)


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