Muslim Women Respond To Failed Travel Bans: 'It's Just Not Gonna Happen'

Three different travel bans have now been struck down by U.S. federal courts.

A group of Muslim women are speaking out about repeated attempts to ban certain countries' citizens entry into the United States.

In a new A Plus original video created in partnership with Muslim Girl, an online magazine founded by Amani Al-Khatahtbeh, four Muslim New Yorkers remind the country that they are here to stay. The short video, featuring Natasha Jones, Fanta Ndao, Nida Masood and Malikah Shabazz, is a look at the resilience and defiance of the Muslim American community.

During his campaign for president, then-candidate Donald Trump pledged to ban all Muslims from entering the United States. Since being elected, the White House has proposed three different forms of a travel ban that critics argue are aimed at Muslim immigrants and visitors. 

All three travel bans have been struck down by federal courts

As the women in the video above observe, "For every person you inspire to hate us, countless more will rise up with us."


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