This Muslim Woman Wanted Respect. That's Exactly What He Gave Her.

Don't judge.

Dante Jamie Coyne was on the train to Basingstoke, just like every weekday morning, when the 25-year-old tech support engineer from Surrey, England noticed something a little odd. An entire section of the train was empty while a Muslim woman wearing a Niqab sat there by herself.

According to Buzzfeed, Coyne said that other people on the train appeared hostile and were intentionally trying to avoid her.


That’s when Coyne made a decision.

"I'll sit here then," Coyne said loudly and sat next to her.

"She is a human being whom was being treated unfairly, I gave her the respect she deserved," Coyne said to Buzzfeed.

Minutes went by on the train ride and there were no interactions between the Muslim woman, who has not been identified yet, and Coyne. She woman exited the train for her stop. Before she left the train, she turned to Coyne and whispered, "thank you."

Coyne posted his story to Facebook, along with a photo of the woman sitting alone on the train.

The Facebook post earned over 40,000 likes as many people gave their appreciation to Coyne for his good deed.

There were even comments from Muslim women who've had similar experiences.

"I am still in shock that what I deem normal has been praised so highly," Coyne said to Buzzfeed. "Part of me is actually saddened by the many experiences people have shared with me as to why they are so grateful for my actions."

Coyne was inundated with so many positive messages that he is taking a break from Facebook. Before leaving Facebook, he wrote one final message.

"What else can I say but a huge thank you for your kindness and support," he wrote on Facebook, according to Metro. "I will always insist I did nothing by be a respectful human being and hope in time I see others do this more often."

(H/T: Buzzfeed)


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