This Muslim Vlogger Is Hoping To Bring Moms Together With Her 'Hjiab Challenge'

"See past a scarf, see the person."

Muslim vlogger and mom Nilufa Dahlia is asking non-Muslim mothers to take part in a challenge she hopes will bring everyone closer together.


After finding it difficult to make friends, and allegedly being verbally abused for her headscarf in a supermarket, the mom from Brighton, England, came up with her "hijab challenge." 

She posted a video on Channel Mum, a YouTube community for moms where she is a lifestyle writer, encouraging moms from different backgrounds to wear a hijab for just 15 minutes and go outside. The challenge is part of Channel Mum's larger You Are Not Alone (YANA) Challenge, which aims to make moms feel more included and less lonely. 

Dahlia hopes the "hijab challenge" will give women a greater insight into her experiences, and bring everyone closer together. 

As she says in the video, "See past a scarf, see the person."

She explains that hijabi (women who wear hijabs) have many different reasons for wearing them. And though a hijab can have lots of associated symbolism and meaning, she says, at the end of the day, her hijab is really just a "piece of cloth." As the mom points out, she doesn't want to be excluded, abused, or ridiculed because of it.

HuffPost reported that a Channel Mum survey of more than 2,000 women found that over half of Muslim women say they are lonely and believe other people are wary of approaching them. Furthermore, it revealed 35 percent of non-Muslims admit they are cautious about approaching a woman who wears a hijab.

Dahlia's video and challenge will hopefully change negative perceptions. Since the video was shared on April 24, it has received 11,000 views and counting, with people from around the world discussing it.

Many supportive commenters are agreeing with Dahlia's thoughts and even offering to be her friend.

One commenter wrote, "I'd be your friend even if you had a Xmas tree on your head! You're a woman and a human being ... the hijab doesn't define you."

Another thanked the channel and Dahlia for helping to raise awareness, and showing that many moms are just looking for acceptance. She wrote, "Thanks so much. Go Channel Mum for showing the world us Muslim mummies are just looking for some lovely mommy friends like all the other mommies out there."

(H/T: Mashable)


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