A Redditor Says They Found This Heartfelt Letter On A London Bus Following The Terror Attack

"Dear stranger, please read my letter."

Many have spoken out following the terror attack in Westminster, London. One message that is gaining particular attention is a letter allegedly written by 14-year-old Black Muslim girl.

A Redditor by the name of crlxzzz posted the handwritten letter on Reddit after reportedly discovering it in between the seats on a London bus so people could see what the young girl had to say in her own hand.


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In the photos, the letters appears to have been folded up and wedged between the seats. "Dear Stranger, Please read my letter" is written on the front.

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The double-sided letter then expresses the writer's thoughts about the terrorist attack and how she says they have impacted her as a young Muslim. 

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The letter continues on the reverse. 

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The letter reads in full:

"Dear London, I am a Londoner aged 14 years old I also happen to be a black Muslim. After the tragedies at the Westminster attack I came to the decision that I wanted to do something. A horrible, horrible thing happened right in the heart of London a place I love so very much. After hearing of the attack I was very agitated and scared for the people of London and the victims. The next day I woke up early and I was watching the news it dawned on me that I would go into school and people would expect answers. As I walked out the door at 8:15 as I usually do and as I saw the familiar faces of my everyday endeavors I wondered what they were thinking I tried my best and walked on smiling, hoping for smile back. Some were returned and some weren't. I went into form and as we spoke about the current affairs I felt all eyes on me. I felt flushed and not suddenly -- almost guilty? What do I have to be guilty for? I couldn't determine if I was being paranoid or eyes were darting to the corner of the room to where I was sitting. I walked into my first lesson and a girl had asked me where I was the night before, I laughed it off because I knew she was joking and that's what humans do when they don't know what to say. You don't have to do or say anything to your Muslim classmate or colleague. We may be Muslim but we don't want to hurt you. We aren't terrorists. Every Saturday I pass through Westminster and I had to think twice about it this time. I was scared that maybe I would be assaulted because of the many labels that come with wearing a hijab ...  I tend to digress a lot when I am writing so I will skip to the point. I am a hard worker there's nothing more that I want than to finish my education and become a lawyer but London is my home and I want that to happen here. Sometimes I wonder if that will happen and if I will be able to get a job 10 years down the line. I hope I can. It's scary being a Muslim as these horrible acts of terror are happening and I hope that I can still live here 50 years down the line and that my future children will get to see the beauty of London and the amazing people who live here. What I feel is too much for me to express on paper and I hope I have communicated my message well to whoever is reading this. My last hope like the hopes of many others is peace. Thank you for reading this. I have spent time writing this letter and you may decide to scrunch it up, keep it or leave it behind for the next person to read. All I ask is someone learns something from this letter even if all they learn is that I have terrible handwriting."

Although A Plus has been unable to confirm the letter's authenticity, it does seem to echo the experiences of other Muslims who have spoken out regarding the discrimination they've experienced in the aftermath of terror attacks.

The letter comes after Muslim women gathered on Westminster Bridge in an act of solidarity and after Muslims raised over £10,000 in less than 15 hours following the attack.

"It's scary being a Muslim as these horrible acts of terror are happening," wrote the letter's anonymous author. "I hope that I can still live here 50 years down the line and that my future children will get to see the beauty of London and the amazing people who live here."

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