This Police Officer Goes Above The Call Of Duty To Calm A Toddler Having A Bad Day

"You gonna be good?"

Things haven't been easy lately in Muskegon Heights, Michigan. 

Though the three-square-mile city only has a population of less than 11,000, gang-related shootings and retaliations have become increasingly frequent since 2013. This fall, two home football games for the Muskegon Heights Tigers were cancelled, after authorities advised the other teams that it would be safer not to come.

Fortunately, some are determined to restore their community to a more peaceful and happy place to live, and are proving that it can be done by even the smallest gestures.

For Muskegon Heights Police Chief Lynne Gill, that even includes cheering up someone who is having a bad day. Chief Gill was on patrol when he came across a 2-year-old boy who was in the middle of a full-blown tantrum.


Though toddlers throwing tantrums is not particularly out of the ordinary, Gill still felt compelled to help out when he saw how stressed out the mother looked. He got out of his car and crouched on the ground to talk to the boy. 

The interaction was recorded via cell phone by Tameka Morris. 

"You gotta be a good boy," Gill can be heard telling the boy. "You gonna be a good boy from now on? Huh? Tell me you're going to be a good boy. Say, 'good.'" 

In the few moments that Gill was talking, the tantrum faded away. The boy became fixated with the shiny objects on the police chief's uniform, and eventually looked at his mom and repeated "good." He cheered up so fast, it was almost like magic.

"The mother thanked me several times. I have more of those moments in my career than people may know. I have good moments," Gill told MLive. "In light of the [recent shootings] that's happened, I think this community is resilient and it's nice to have a community like this and it's nice they have a police chief they can communicate with."

View their adorable encounter here:

[H/T: MLive]


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