This Is All The Proof You Need That Music Can Heal

Musicians On Call

Austin, Texas is already famous for its incredible music scene, but when you factor in a visit from South by Southwest, it's a pretty unbeatable combination. 

Among the exhibitors at SXSW this year is Musicians On Call, an organization that knows the importance of live music and its ability to spread happiness. Which is why they're bringing the music to people who can't make it to the concerts.


Musicians On Call was founded in 1999 after a concert at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center was found to effectively lift patients' spirits. But the concert inadvertently left out many patients who would have benefitted from the audible energy — namely, those who were stuck in their rooms or in the middle of receiving treatment. 

So now, Musicians On Call exists just for them.

According to its website, Musicians On Call provides three main programs for patients:

- Bedside Performances 
Volunteer musicians give bedside performances for patients, going from room to room. 
- Music pharmacy 
Personal CD players for each patient and a complete music library. 
- Project Playback
Patients are given the chance to have their own music recorded and produced.

Musicians On Call has brightened hospital rooms across the country. If you'd like to get involved in this very special cause, CLICK HERE TO LEARN HOW.

Will you help us spread the word about this amazing cause? Please click below to share with your friends. And remember: music truly can heal.


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