These 5 Viral Videos Of Musical Families Are Serious #Goals

The Partridge Family has some pretty stiff competition.

Every family has a favorite activity they can share with one another that brings them closer together. Whether you do it once a day, once a week, or even just once a year, these special moments become lifelong memories. 

For some, that might mean playing a sport, working on a puzzle, or cooking a meal with each other. For others, it may just mean performing a song  — and watching it go viral on YouTube. These 5 aww-inspiring videos prove that the families who sing together, stay together (and have a ton of fun while they're at it!): 


1. This Disney-loving daddy-daughter duo performed an acoustic cover of "You Got A Friend In Me."

Dave Crosby and his daughter Claire collaborated on an acoustic and adorable cover of this hit song from Toy Story. Posted to YouTube on January 17, the video has since received over six million views. They also performed a heartwarming rendition of "I See the Light" from Tangled, complete with real floating lanterns and beautiful costumes.  

2. These sisters put an Irish twist on Beyoncé's greatest hits.

The internet was "Crazy In Love" with these two Irish sisters' Beyoncé medley. YouTuber Megan Burke was joined by her sister Sally-Anne. Together, they totally slayed their musical tribute to Queen Bey. 

3. In a Boyz II Men parody, this family of four sang the struggles of getting their Kids II School.

The Holderness family make musical parody videos together so often, it's practically become part of their daily routine. This particular video about their morning routine (and the struggles that ensue) was a hilarious harmony thousands of other parents related to.

4. The Shocklee family shocked their family (and the internet) with a melodic birth announcement.

Inspired by Meghan Trainor's "Lips Are Movin'," the Shocklee family of four announced they'd soon become five in a viral video titled "Our Family's Growin.'" After that video received over 1.5 million hits, they followed it up with a gender reveal parody video, based on Justin Bieber's "What Do You Mean." (Spoiler alert: They're having a third girl!)

5. These sibling singers created a heartfelt mashup of "Over the Rainbow" and "Can't Help Falling In Love."

YouTuber Kenny Holland and his little sister Capri tag-teamed two tunes in one original mashup. Holland, also an original singer-songwriter, regularly duets with one of his five sisters. Sometimes, the whole clan even gets together for an impromptu concert.


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