Emotional Music Video Shows What The World Would Look Like If We All Looked Out For One Another


Random acts of kindness are heavily praised in our culture, but aside from our own gratification, do we really think about the impact of our actions on others?

That's the premise behind musician and songwriter Greg Holden's new song and music video from his second album "Chase the Sun." In the video, he traces one act of kindness from one recipient to the next, and we see how those actions affect each person's life in a prominent way — from making someone smile to actually saving multiple people's lives. 

For instance, the dishwasher who performs the Heimlich maneuver on a customer saves his life. That customer, we learn, is a doctor, and ends up being alive to save a patient's life later on.

Though Holden's video is fictional, the idea that kindness spreads is very real. Kelsey Gryniewicz, a director at the Random Acts Of Kindness Foundation, told the BBC that movements such as the ones her organization promote succeed because they go beyond just a simple good deed. 

"It's about changing your mentality from day to day" she said.

It's no surprise that Holden practices what he preaches as shown through his contribution to last week's Random Acts of Kindness Week, a movement that encourages people around the world to commit a random act of kindness each day for a week. But through his music, he also has shown us that "holding on tight" to kindness all year 'round isn't such a terrible idea, either.



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