When This Mom Couldn't Find A Doll With Natural Hair That Looked Like Her Daughters, She Made One Herself

"It is important that our little girls are constantly exposed to a reflection of themselves."

For many young kids, dolls are more than just objects to play with. They can be an extension of their imagination, and be seen as a friend, or even one of the family. That's why it's so important that children have access to dolls that look like them or those they are close to. For these reasons, Mom and hairstylist Mushiya Tshikuka spent many Christmases searching high and low for a doll that looked like her daughters. 

The Cutting It in the ATL hairstylist star found Black dolls, but their hair was never quite right. In an Instagram post about her quest, Tshikuka explained, "Every Black doll I saw had yarn, straight hair, long synthetic whitish curls, or they were just BALD."

Tshikuka refused to settle for anything less than a doll that had beautiful kinks that reassembled her two daughters' hair because she knew how important toys are to kids' self-esteem.


So, she decided to take matters into her own hands and create her own dolls for her daughters.

The mom-of-two developed My Natural Doll. The first doll is named Keleshe and she has dark skin with 100 percent virgin kinky hair from the Runway Curls hair line. The doll's hair can be braided, twisted, and washed, just like an actual girl's hair.

It's not just the look of the doll that is promoting a positive and inclusive message. According to the Runway Curls website, the doll comes with a song, also called "My Natural Doll," that features empowering lyrics about loving yourself.

Fortunately, there are also other dolls and features on the market helping to ensure kids have representation, including the Angelica Doll, who sports natural hair, and wheelchair accessories for dolls by Nickolay Lamm.

The brilliant thing about these projects is that they are helping to give kids a greater variety of role models and to celebrate what they already have. 

"In a world where the dolls we play with and the role models we see shapes our perception of beauty and our self-confidence, it is important that our little girls are constantly exposed to a reflection of themselves — beautiful dark skin and kinky hair like that which grows out of their own head," Tshikuka wrote on Instagram.

(H/T: Popsugar)


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