After The Blizzard, The Only Senators To Show Up To Work Were Women

Who run the world?

Over 20 inches of snow from Winter Storm Jonas crippled Washington, D.C. during the weekend. Many residents were unable to commute to work on Monday and Tuesday.

Alaska Sen. Lisa Murkowski was one of the few senators who actually made it to the Capitol building on Tuesday following the storm. Her responsibility that morning was to formally delay Senate business until her colleagues could return.

While standing on the Senate floor, she saw Maine Sen. Susan Collins in the presiding officer's chair, and subsequently realized something wonderfully unique about the people who actually showed up to work that morning.

"You look around the chamber and the presiding officer is female, all of our parliamentarians are female, our floor managers are female, all of our pages are female," Murkowski said, according to The Washington Post.

That's right — 100 percent of the senators in the chamber that morning were women.


Female senators campaign for a higher minimum wage. Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images.

Considering the fact that only 20 out of the 100 U.S. senators are women (16 Democrats and 4 Republicans), that's incredible.

"We came in this morning, looked around and thought, something is different this morning. Different in a good way, I might add," Murkowski said. "But something is genuinely different, and I think it's genuinely fabulous. So perhaps it just speaks to the heartiness of women, that you put on your boots and put your hat on and get out, slog through the mess that is out there."

Murkowski also went to the Capitol building on a snow day in March 2015 and posted a funny Facebook video about her colleagues who didn't show up.

Cover photo via Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images.


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