How's That For A Bada**? These British Senior Rebels Prove That Age Is Just A Number.

Forever young.

Often, when meeting a rebellious youngster, people assume "it's just a matter of time" and that the person will "grow out of it" eventually. And will surely regret those tattoos.

But maybe we shouldn't be so quick to judge. Or at least that's what these brilliant photos suggest.

For one of his latest projects titled "Rebels Without a Pause," Muir Vidler, a London-based photographer, snaps photos of — yep, you guessed it just right — aging rebels and mavericks. The photo series defies everything one might think about seniors. Take a look for yourself.


"I had the idea to shoot portraits of aging rebels and mavericks after meeting Adrian Delgoffe, photographed with the skateboard, in a club in Brixton called Love Muscle," Vidler told A Plus.

"He was dancing by himself wearing a leather harness and chains and I thought it was great that he was doing that in his 60's rather than sitting at home covered in biscuit crumbs, wedged into an armchair in front of the TV."

"I wanted to take photos that celebrate the people who don’t let age define who they are and how they live their lives."


What a wild bunch.

You reckon you'll be as bada** in your 60s?

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