Proof That Muhammad Ali Was The Greatest Trash Talker Ever

Richard Sherman can take notes.

In his prime, Muhammad Ali wasn't just the best boxer in the world, he was the best talker, too.

The former heavyweight boxing champ is still in the public eye, most recently for calling on Iran to release jailed Washington Post reporter Jason Rezaian. 

But decades removed from his days in the ring, it may be tough to remember what Ali was like in his prime. And with athletes like Richard Sherman making headlines for their post-game speeches, it's fun to go and look at how athletes — Ali in particular — used to conduct themselves in the public eye. 

In the video below, Ali goes off on one of his now famous tangents. Our favorite part is this poetic line: "I done wrestled with an alligator, I done tussled with a whale, I done handcuffed lightning, throw thunder in jail."


Check out the full video here:


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