Mashup Of Grooms Seeing Their Brides For The First Time Will Make You Sob Real Tears

The most touching video you'll see today.

Filmmaking collective Mitchell Reilly Pictures cut together a video of fifteen men seeing their brides for the first time on their wedding day, and it's sure to make your heart skip a beat.

Traditionally, grooms aren't allowed to see their brides the day of until they're walking down the aisle. That first glimpse is an incredibly emotional one, and having documented so many weddings themselves, the collective thinks they know why.


"The first time a couple see each other on their wedding day is an awesome moment. I think it's all in the anticipation leading up to it," the video explains.

"Not just in the day itself, like what kind of dress she's wearing, or how snazzy is he going to look in the suit.

But it's in the anticipation of the decision. See, most of us, we wonder and we fantasize about who's going to be 'the one.'

Who are we going to grow old with, join our lives together, start a family with, go on adventures?

And it's in that first sight that they see their future."

It's a beautiful explanation for an even more beautiful moment.

Mazel tov, everyone!!


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